Even 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates, now known as the Father of Medicine wrote ‘Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food’

Now we say ‘You are what you eat’ or more accurately we should say ‘You are what you absorb'

What does that mean? What should we eat? How can I ensure that I get the nutrients from the food that I eat? What kind of health problems might be food related? How might food affect my mood?

Nearly everything could be linked to food and digestion…. weight problems, PMT, lack of energy, skin issues, intolerances, aches and pains, arthritic joints, anxiety, depression, infections including colds, gastric upsets, IBS, behavioural & developmental problems. The list is endless. If we are suffering from a serious health challenge such as diabetes or cancer, to ensure optimum nutrition is essential to support our body in dealing with the disease process. Even if we consider ourselves to be in good health, to not pay attention to our nutrition is to ignore a potent channel to enhance performance and improve our quality of life.

When we know what to eat to suit our individual body needs and to satisfy our chosen lifestyle, the difference can be life changing. Nutritional therapy is therefore for everyone!