What is sports massage?

Sports Massage has an overall aim of treatment to help enhance the athlete's performance at whatever level the sports person has reached. This can be achieved by helping to prevent injury, to identify potential over use injuries, improve the athlete's self awareness and to help increase flexibility.

Who is it suitable for?

Massage is suitable for all ages from the newborn baby to the elderly.


Some of the benefits of massage:

General circulation

All the cells of the body need a good supply of blood for their growth, repair and nutrition. Massage stimulates the circulation of blood so increases the supply of these substances on a cellular level.? Massage can also assist in the removal of waste materials from the cells.

Reduce adhesions and fibrous tissue

For a muscle to function the fibres need to glide smoothly alongside one another. When they become stuck together they cannot do this and the affected area will not function correctly. Over time a local area of muscle fibres can form together into a hard lump or knot. Massage can help to break down these stuck fibres and restore functionality.

Nervous system

Emotional stress can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems and muscular discomfort. Massage aims to reduce the overall tension throughout the body through the central nervous system to help improve the general feeling of well-being.




The Osteopaths at the clinic often suggest rehabilitation exercises as a first step to full recovery from an injury. To take this further we have a local connection with several Pilates clinics. We are currently working closely with "The Core" pilates studio in Welwyn Garden City. Visit for more information.