Osteopaths are the "Bee's Knees"

Date: 8/24/2019

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We commonly see knee problems in the clinic. Knee pain accounts for 12% of the patients we see. The types of knee problems we help with varies greatly depending on the person who is coming in to see us and the demands they place on their body.

Today’s post will discuss knee pain in children and teens and a follow up will focus on adults and specific sporting injuries.

As a clinic we are well known for helping children. A common cause of adolescent knee pain is Osgood-Schlatter’s syndrome.

This condition often effects sporty boys, under the age of 16 It is characterised by pain at the front of one or both knees, commonly this is caused by the muscles at the front of the thigh pulling on the top of the shin bone.

This can be very painful but will usually resolve very well in time, it may be advisable to temporarily decrease sports and focus on a rehabilitation program consisting of stretching and strengthening of the muscles. Osteopaths can help with hands on treatment as well as advice regarding self-care whilst you recover.

Chondromalacia patella is another common knee condition causing pain at the front of the knee, it is caused by problems with the cartilage at the back of the knee cap. It is thought to be more common in females than males and typically effects young sporty people. The causes of CMP are very similar to Osgood-Schlatter’s but requires managing differently.

Osteopaths can diagnose both conditions and tailor advice to your needs helping you recover quickly.

If you would like advice regarding assessment or treatment of young people with knee pain let us know.

This post was prepared by our Osteopath: Andrew MacMillan. Who (when not in our clinic) teaches exercise rehabilitation at the London school of osteopathy.


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