Babies and Children

Osteopaths are trained to assess people of all ages

including infants and children. 



The Penn Clinic, Hatfield has a national reputation for being one of the leading osteopathy clinics for babies, children and young adults in the South East - having provided high quality care for 40 years.

All of our osteopaths under go 6 months of mentoring with our practice principal, Alex, and therefore all practitioners at the clinic are proficient in treating even smallest of our patients.

No referral from your health care practitioner is required, however, we are very fortunate as a clinic to receive many referrals from our local midwives, health visitors and GP's and we enjoy working alongside them to provide the best care for your child.

For more information on what to expect during an appointment for a child please see our blog: Treating the Little Humans

For some of the conditions and disorders that parents have quoted when bringing their children see What do people come with? or call us on 01707 274148 if you would like to discuss your child's case in more detail.