The osteopath explained that I’d damaged a disc

“I am a Tiler, so heavy lifting and working in awkward positions is part of the job.  After two weeks of low back ache I started getting severe leg pain.  I saw a therapist but it was getting worse.  The osteopath explained that I’d damaged a disc and told me I’d have to stop work and rest – I had to cancel my holiday - I was not amused!.

I wasn’t fully cooperating at first, but I soon realised that the osteopath was talking sense and then did as I was told and improved steadily.  Getting rid of the leg pain was such a relief and I made it to my son’s wedding in Australia 10 weeks later!” 

 I would like to thank the Penn Clinic for giving me back the ability to do my job and for their professional approach and manner and their concern for my well being.      Highly recommended

- Mr R Groves, Herts -